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Win-Loss Analysis: A Gold Mine of Competitive Intelligence

Win-loss analysis is a gold mine of market intelligence, but only 30% of companies dig it. Less than 30% of firms consistently and systematically execute a win-loss analysis, whether due to a lack of resources, commitment, or methodology.

The lack of analysis leaves companies exposed to blindspots that impede customer acquisition and revenue growth, such as:

»  Lack of product differentiation
»  Sales strategies
»  Pricing issues
»  Competitor counter claims that spread fear, uncertainty and doubt

Win-loss analysis is the best way to analyze sales cycle performance, confirm competitive differentiation, and align your sales process with that of your buyer.

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Get to the Real “No” Orlando

Uncover the Hidden Reasons behind Customer Buying Decisions

June 27, 2023   |  Orlando, FL

A win-loss program is a critical process that can revolutionize your organization’s sales performance and establish a competitive edge in your industry. From young companies on the verge of a dramatic growth phase to established market leaders, companies of all sizes – from multi-billion dollar market leaders to emerging market makers –  can greatly benefit from this often neglected source of market intelligence. Join us for an immersive workshop where we delve deep into the benefits and best practices of conducting win-loss analysis.

Win More with a Win-Loss a Program:

Enhance Sales Strategy for Competitive Advantage

July 11, 2023   |  Richmond, VA

Join our workshop to unlock the power of your own win-loss program and optimize your organization’s sales performance. Regardless of your company’s size or growth phase – from multi-billion dollar market leaders to emerging market makers – implementing a win-loss program provides valuable market intelligence that can give you a competitive edge.

Unleash your Company’s Sales Potential:

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Win-Loss Program

July 18, 2023   |  Baltimore, MD

Join our exclusive workshop to harness the power of a win-loss program and optimize your B2B sales strategy. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, implementing a robust win-loss program provides invaluable market intelligence that can set you apart from competitors.