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Customer Churn Analysis

Find the Real Reasons Customers Churn

Thirdside’s expert churn analysis gives you the insights you need to keep your customers loyal and your revenue growing.

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Why Churn Analysis?

Customer churn is a silent killer for B2B SaaS businesses. But proactively identifying and fixing customer concerns that cause churn will give you an edge over your competitors.


Increase Retention

Knowing when customers are in the leaving window, why, and what to do about it equips companies to address customers’ concerns right away (McKinsey)


Increase Profits

A 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 95% (Bain & Company)

Higher Multiples

2% increase in customer retention can lead to a 20% higher revenue multiple (McKinsey)

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domino effect

Blindspots in Your Customers’ Churn Journey

Churn is not caused by a single catastrophic event. It is the result of a customer journey marred by a series of frustrating and value-preventing events that you don’t even know are happening.

  • Unclear or overly optimistic marketing messages
  • Sales over-promising functionality and impact
  • Delayed implementations and inadequate training
  • Unresponsive support and infrequent customer success engagement

Thirdside examines your entire customer journey to identify frustration points and develop targeted strategies to improve the customer experience.

customer metrics satisfaction

Dig Deeper

Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Metrics are Not Enough

While surveys and customer satisfaction metrics, such as CSAT, NPS, and CES can provide some insight into customer sentiment, they often fail to uncover the deeper reasons behind customer churn. These methods lack the depth and context needed to fully understand the human experience in the customer journey and identify the specific pain points that lead to churn.

What’s the Problem?

Do you Really Know Why ?

Every lost customer represents a missed opportunity for growth and a blow to your bottom line.
But do you really know why your customers are leaving?

The Thirdside Solution

Reducing churn by just 5% can increase profits by 25% to 125%

Thirdside’s churn analysis service digs deep to uncover the root causes of customer churn, asking the right questions to get to the heart of customers’ decision to leave.


We work with you to understand your business, markets, and desired customer journey to tailor our research for relevant insights.

In-Depth Interviews

Following Thirdside best practices, we interview your customers, to obtain candid feedback about your products or services.

Analysis & Insights

We review data to map your customers’ journey, identify pain points, and compare actual to intended journey, revealing improvement opportunities.

Actionable Recommendations

We present findings in an easy-to-understand report with actionable insights and strategies to reduce churn, enhance experience, and foster loyalty for growth.

map it out

Churn Journey Map: Your Playbook for Retention

Your customized churn journey map shows you exactly what your customers experience – from marketing & sales, through product, support, customer success and renewal

“I worked with Thirdside when I needed to understand why customers were leaving. The attrition data our field teams had entered into Salesforce consisted of “Value not attained,” “Competitor,” “Product fit,” and so on.

The trouble was that I couldn’t act against these reasons.

I asked Thirdside to reach out to all churned customers to tell me EXACTLY why they left, and they delivered. Thirdside helped me to create the churn journey map I use (and advocate for) every chance I can.”

Wayne McCulloch

Author, The Seven Pillars of Customer Success

Customer Testimonials

Muck Rack

Vanessa Neurohr

VP of Customer Success, Muck Rack

"The churn research led us to implement executive sponsorship, multi-threaded training, and a customer lifecycle management program. These changes have brought more consistency to our customer journey higher satisfaction.”

Testimonial Image

Brian LaFaille

VP Customer Success, Looker

"Combining our usage data with in-depth customer interviews has been incredibly powerful. The direct quotes we gained provided insights that resonated far more than data alone, allowing us to identify early warning signs of churn and truly understand our customers' experiences."


Win-Loss Analysis Reporting:
For You in Your Preferred Formats


Detailed Interview Reports

Summarized, tagged, highlighted, and linked text make it exceedingly easy to scan a report for the highlights, or quickly jump to the tags of interest.

Regular Review Calls

Guided discussions about recent interview reports provide an opportunity for stakeholders to ask questions of the Thirdside researcher who conducted the interviews.

Online Dashboard & Reporting

Thirdside includes online and completely tailored dashboards where stakeholders can access charts, anecdotes, insights, and full interview reports and run ad-hoc queries of the data.

Management Summaries

Thirdside provides periodic executive presentations in support of management meetings, business reviews, kickoffs, board meetings, etc.

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