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Customer research for insights, relationships, growth and retention.
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We’ve carried sales quotas. We’ve run marketing departments.

We understand your situation better than most. We’ve carried sales quotas, run marketing departments, and managed product lines. We take our in-the-trenches experience into every project, interview, and report for our clients.

We understand that each research project – whether that be for win-loss, customer experience, or churn analysis – is an endeavor that must be tailored to your company’s specific situation.

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Your Partner in Problem Solving

Thirdside is more than just a research firm. We are your partner in problem solving.

Thirdside combines the best of:

  • Qualitative research for the depth of insight
  • Quantitative research to prioritize pressing issues
  • Al enabled for scale, human involvement for accuracy


Qualitative Customer Research
Across the Customer Journey:

win-loss churn analysis

Win-Loss Analysis

more than just wins and losses, also the long maybc’s and no­decisions to impact revenue sooner.

Churn Analysis

churn is caused by a series of small events over the course of their contract. Find and fix the events driving them away from you.

Work with Thirdside, you’ll be in great company:


Uncover Opportunities to Improve Your Business.


Whether you subscribe to the Bow Time Model, SPIN Selling, MEDDIC, or your own sales methodology, our qualitative research will uncover your blind spots. And beyond superficial metrics like NPS and CSAT, we provide deep insights into your customers’ actual experiences, pain points, and decision making processes.

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Uncover the Hidden Issues in Your Customer Journey.

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Customer Testimonials

More important than the list of logos is the impact we have had with their customers. Here is what our customers’s customers say:

“The fact that they hired you, an independent 3rd party, to look into this is impressive, it should have happened sooner.”

“What they have you doing demonstrates the type of company they aspire to be. When it’s time for renewal, if they address the issues I’ve had, and based on the value they put on you doing this, I would consider them again.”

“It felt therapeutic talking to you and doing this, I’m glad I did this. I can’t believe that you got me to talk for 54 minutes.”



Find answers to common questions about Thirdside’s services and methodologies.

How can Thirdside help?

Thirdside offers a range of services, including win-loss analysis and customer churn analysis. We conduct in-depth interviews with customers to provide meaningful insights.

What sets Thirdside apart?

Our team consists of experienced business professionals who have run marketing departments and carried sales quotas. We know how to ask the right questions to uncover valuable insights.

How does Thirdside conduct interviews?

At Thirdside, we conduct interviews with customers using a conversational approach. This allows us to dive deep into their experiences and gather rich insights.

What types of analysis does Thirdside offer?

Thirdside specializes in win-loss analysis and customer churn analysis. We help our clients understand why they win or lose deals and identify areas for improvement.

How can I get started?

To get started with Thirdside’s services, simply reach out to us through our contact form or give us a call. We look forward to discussing how we can help your business.

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