Don’t Roll the Dice

Create Content with Purpose & Precision

Address your customers’ business challenges, spell out how you can help solve them and reel in new business

of CMOs say content marketing is critical to reach their goals.

BUT only

Feel their organizations produce compelling content.


Finding resources is a challenge.

Your marketing department already is stretched thin. With everything else on their plate, there’s no time for your team to crank out blog posts, white papers, case studies, infographics and, oh, yeah, a complete website overhaul.

And who knows what you’ll get when you outsource.

While you’d love to outsource content…

It takes too much time to educate a new agency on who you are, what you do and how you message.

Low-cost, high-volume content factories produce … well … low-cost, low-value content.

Thought leaders are expensive…And you probably wish you’d written that white paper yourself instead of dishing out thousands of dollars for something that entirely missed the mark

80% of marketing executives are fed up with content marketing agencies that charge thousands of dollars for ebooks and white papers that don’t properly align messaging to the market.

We have a better way.

It’s not just a matter of cranking out the next slick looking ebook or infographic. What matters is first knowing the real needs, wants, and interests of your prospective future customers. …and it’s not always what you think!

To get it right, we interview your potential future customers to KNOW their hot topics, most pressing issues, lexicon, reasons they would buy, and reasons they wouldn’t buy from you.  

Customer Validated Content

attracts, converts and closes new customers.

There are three sides to every story as they say: Your side, their side, and the truth.  The Thirdside approach delivers truth in marketing, marrying what you want to tell the market with what they want to hear and in words they will understand.


Your Side

There is so much you want to tell the market about your products or services. But there are so many competing interests in your company: sales, product, marketing, and the c-suite. Who’s right? Who gets to make the call? The loudest voice is not always the rightest voice.

Their Side

The value proposition of your solution may not be what you think it is. It could be a benefit you weren’t including, the enablement of a strategic initiative you weren’t thinking about. It might be as simple as using the same words your prospects do. We’ll go straight to your buying audience to find out.

The Truth

We marry the sides of the story together to provide resonant messaging, compelling content, and actionable advice for your potential customers – and new clients for you.

Content from Thirdside will:

  • Speak to the needs, wants and interests of your target market.
  • Use language that is familiar to your audience.
  • Be true thought leadership and not a bloated solution brochure.
  • Position your solutions as a viable, if not preferred, option.

Results that speak for themselves

“The way that you start a conversation is by getting the customer to tell you what their problem is, and then at the very end, you tell them what you have. That’s how you sell. That should be your approach to content. That’s what Thirdside helps us do.”

Peter Bourne

CEO, Bright Wolf

“We discovered terminology that customers wanted that we didn’t use. Infusing the right language in our content has made a huge difference. Things change fast, so we validate with Thirdside every 6 months or so.”

Anthony Rotoli


“Working with Thirdside, we positioned more consistently with how the market was thinking about our solution area. It helped with everything from SEO, to repositioning our the modules of our solution, and to be more competitive.”

Ken Romley

CEO, Zift Solutions

Actions speak louder than words

Customer Stories

Massive Webinar Improvement

Right Message. Right Audience. Righteous Results.

  • This software vendor’s content was too generic. Webinars and ebooks espoused vague and undifferentiated benefits such as efficiency.
  • We interviewed prospective customers to learn that efficiency was fine, but it was the time it made available for a specific, high-value task – contract negotiations – that was the real value proposition.
  • Thirdside developed an integrated content marketing program of ebooks + webinars dialed-in to this new content.


Massive Webinar Improvement

New Message to Reach New Audiences

Good things happen when you tell the audience what they want to hear.

  • As can tend to happen in engineering-centric companies, product-centric, and speeds-and-feeds content was being blasted to the client’s database, with only a handful of downloads.
  • Thirdside interviewed market stakeholders to learn the hot topics and issues they were interested in, and how the benefits of the client solution could be applied.
  • We developed wrote, designed and promoted an ebook that melded the needs and interests of the market with the capabilities of our client’s solution.


New Message

Inbound Marketing

Align value propositions to actual customer needs

  • Value propositions at a mobility management company had been skewed by the influence of a couple of large customers. Their needs were not representative of the broader market.
  • Through validation interviews with prospective customers, we repositioned the solution to address the most pressing needs of the target market as the foundation for new content.

  • Thirdside provided a turn-key a multi-faceted content and lead generation campaign of ebooks and webinars – strategy, writing, design, and execution.


Inbound Marketing

Intentional, deliberate content marketing

Ready to Go?

With Thirdside as your virtual content marketing team, you’ll know that every decision is intentional and every piece of content is deliberate, backed by your expertise and our research into your specific sector and distinct audience.